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Before & After Photos

Dr. Halpin’s goal is to provide healthy gums and teeth, rendering a brighter and more youthful smile. The following photographs are original, untouched photographs of actual work done by Dr. Halpin.

Generalized Decay

This patient was a male in his late twenties who presented with rampant decay. Dr. Halpin restored his teeth with white fillings, veneers and crowns which provided the patient with a great new and beautiful smile.

Dark, Stained Teeth

This 57 year old lady was unhappy with her dark, stained smile. Dr. Halpin was able to give her a new, white smile with crowns and veneers. She feels years younger with her beautiful teeth.

Missing Teeth

This 53 year old male was missing two back molars. Dr. Halpin filled the spaces with two dental implant supported crowns. He can now smile and eat with confidence.

Discoloured Fillings & Crooked Teeth

This 29 year old woman was pleased with her new crowns and whitening that straightened and improved her smile.

Small, Stained Teeth

This 34 year old patient had very small, stained teeth and was also missing some rear teeth. Dr. Halpin restored her smile with dental implants and crowns. She was so happy, she cried once the treatment was complete.

Discoloured Teeth with Failing Crowns

This 43 year old woman was unhappy with her smile due to tetracycline staining as a child. Dr. Halpin gave her new upper crowns and bridges to improve the look of her upper teeth. Her lower teeth still need work.

Bulky White Fillings & Crooked Teeth

This 57 year old lady had many bulky, white fillings with very crooked teeth. Dr. Halpin straightened and strengthened her smile with crowns. She can smile now with confidence.

Spacing & Small Front Teeth

This 27 year old lady had her teeth improved by closing her open spaces with white fillings and custom whitening. She was very pleased with her results.

Stained & Crooked Teeth

This 42 year old patient had her discoloured, crooked teeth replaced with new white veneers, crowns and dental implants. Now she has something to smile about!

Narrow Jaw with Crooked Teeth

This 14 year old girl was unhappy with her crooked teeth. Her upper jaw was also very narrow. Dr. Halpin was able to enhance and straighten her smile with non-extraction orthodontics using functional appliances and then finished her case with braces. She had her orthodontics finished in time for her graduation and was glowing at prom.

Missing Teeth with Large Spaces

This 30 year old woman had her smile drastically revamped with new bridges and crowns. She was thrilled with her new teeth.

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Posted by Bridgeview Dental on Thursday, September 28, 2017