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Smile Makeovers

What makes you unhappy about your smile? Is it crooked teeth, gaps between your teeth, or stains? Whatever it is, Bridgeview Dental offers the latest Smile Makeover procedures to solve these issues and create the smile of your dreams.

A Smile Makeover is a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan that uses both cosmetic and aesthetic procedures to restore and improve your smile. Quickly and comfortably, Halifax dentist, Dr. Andrew Halpin can correct:

  • Crooked, overlapped teeth
  • Chipped, broken, worn teeth
  • Unattractive metal fillings
  • Missing teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Gummy smiles
  • Stained, discolored teeth

Your smile will be transformed, and your self-confidence will be renewed with a stunning, straight, white smile! A thorough dental examination is the first step to a more beautiful smile. During the consultation, you will discuss your goals, expectations, and desired outcome to determine how your new smile will look.

Before cosmetic work can begin, any outstanding dental health issues must be addressed and corrected. When the function of your mouth, teeth and gums is in good shape, Dr. Halpin is ready to move on to the “beauty” portion of enhancing your smile.

Each Smile Makeover is different and highly individual.