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White Fillings

Most of us have at least one unsightly silver dental filling in our mouths, if not several. There was a time when mercury fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, were the best materials dentists had to restore teeth affected by cavities.

Advances in dental technology have replaced the use of amalgam fillings with white, composite fillings. While mercury fillings are still being placed by some dentists, Dr. Halpin has chosen to treat our patients with only the latest composite and porcelain dental materials.

Dark-coloured amalgam fillings are not only unattractive but these dental fillings can also put teeth at risk of fracture. Over time these metal fillings will corrode and expand, resulting in broken or cracked teeth and/or the development of new decay under these fillings.

Natural-coloured composite (white) fillings closely match the natural colour of your teeth. In fact, even close up they can be difficult to spot, helping to maintain the natural appearance of your smile. The same cannot be said about amalgam fillings, which are easy to spot and undeniably unnatural looking. Silver fillings can corrode and leak metal ions into natural tooth structure, resulting in a dark and even black appearance to your teeth.

You can expect personalized care and service at Bridgeview Dental. Dr. Halpin will thoroughly examine each of your teeth. In many cases we will take digital photographs of your teeth and fillings to allow Dr. Halpin to see hidden or small cracks more easily.

Stronger, mercury–free dental restorations may be recommended if any of your existing amalgam fillings exhibit signs of cracking, wearing, leaking or deteriorating. Depending on the size of your existing filling, the tooth may be best restored with a white filling or a dental inlay or onlay.

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